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December 13, 2022

California’s employment laws will soon be even tougher with new bills taking effect January 1, 2023. KFI-AM and KNX News spoke with Senior Associate Antwoin Wall on why SB-1162 can be construed as a job killer by adding costly reporting requirements for employers, and has the potential for increased litigation.

“SB-1162 requires the publication of pay scale data in job ads for companies with more than 100 employees and makes significant changes to reporting requirements that could lead to lawsuits if data is misinterpreted,” said Wall.

The new law should help job seekers in negotiating competitive salaries, but it also means more work for businesses. “Not only will companies have to report the job title and wage rate history, which is what’s currently required, but they also have to break that down by race, ethnicity and sex. It’s not that this is a negative, it’s just more regulation the employer has to comply with,” he added.

Listen to the KNX interview here.

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