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In Need of Experienced Lien Resolution Lawyers?

At the Law Offices of Pearlman, Brown & Wax, LLP, our workers’ compensation lien resolution team has curated a cutting-edge and aggressive approach to providing legal strategies to help resolve our clients’ financial burdens for nearly four decades.

Workers’ compensation medical costs have risen substantially over the past 20 years nationwide, but our California clients face additional challenges from insurers, as claims administrators must deal with a unique factor that further escalates medical costs: Any time during the life of a claim, even after a case has closed, medical providers throughout the state can file a lien against payers.

When our clients are faced with medical and legal liens, the financial and administrative burdens are significant, and have been reported as one of the largest unnecessary costs driving up workers’ compensation rates.

Our lien resolution department effectively resolves and defends our clients against liens with a skilled management team that has key state and federal best practices in place that provide customized lien resolution structures and systems.

No matter the size of the company, or how well-established they may be, we understand the significant impact liens can have on our clients’ day-to-day operations and long-term goals, which is why our professionals strive to resolve claims efficiently to prevent them from causing long-lasting financial and operational damage to your company.

Lien Resolution

How Can Pearlman, Brown & Wax Help My Company with Lien Resolutions?

At Pearlman, Brown & Wax, our lien resolution unit believes all medical and legal decisions related to workers’ compensation claims must be justified and documented. When they are not, our clients are placed at a significant disadvantage in defending against those disputes, which requires an expert lien resolution law firm to go to work on their behalf.

We maintain a lien unit consisting of a lien unit manager, lien negotiators, and lien hearing representatives who have been trained in all phases of the official medical fee schedule, the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule, and the Medicare Fee Schedule.

Our skilled lien unit thoroughly obtains and evaluates any information we believe may be helpful during the lien resolution phase, whether it is reviewing medical bills and determining the reasonable cost of services, uncovering disputable evidence, or favorable medical reports to effectively reduce our client’s liability for lien claims and expedite the closure of the file.

We will identify and litigate all legal issues affecting the lien claimant’s claim for reimbursement through transparency and attention to detail, so our clients are fully aware of their case’s status with the help of detailed reports that allow us to resolve lien issues quickly and effectively.

With over 50 skilled litigation specialists and support staff members, our comprehensive representation is a culmination of teamwork. We plan each step of our clients’ defense strategies to ensure we are covering any overlapping issues that will complicate their businesses going forward, so they can reach the best outcome at every phase of their legal challenges including lien resolutions.

Contact Our Lien Resolution Lawyers At Pearlman, Brown & Wax, LLP Today

At Pearlman, Brown & Wax, LLP, our skilled lien resolution professionals focus on producing end-to-end solutions for our clients, no matter where their business operates.

If your company is being met with workers’ compensation liens, contact our experienced team today by calling 818-501-4343 to ensure your legal rights are protected from the beginning.

At Pearlman, Brown & Wax, LLP we believe in the power of innovation, experience, and results.


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