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February 21, 2023

The San Fernando Valley Business Journal turned to Senior Employment Counsel Corinne Spencer and other leading employment experts to get their insights on the current state of labor legislation, what changes have come to the labor law landscape in light of the COVID pandemic, the new rules of hiring and firing, and recent trends.

When asked about her views on using arbitration agreements as an alternative to employment litigation, Spencer said, “Arbitration is a great alternative to employment litigation and both parties can benefit from an expedited legal process. Most lawyers recognize that the extremes are less likely in arbitration. Seven or eight figure verdicts in favor of the employee are far less common, but so are dispositive motions being granted in favor of the employer. Notably, while less common, dispositive motions are not entirely off the table. I have prevailed on a motion for summary judgment in arbitration, so it is not an impossibility.”

Read the full Labor & Employment Roundtable Discussion here.


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