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November 3, 2022

Partner Justin Borska grew up in an environment where he was taught to understand and respect people’s differences and their struggles, something that he teaches his own two children. When PB&W began the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee, he reached out and asked if he could join, even though he felt some initial hesitation about his request. “As a white male, I didn’t want it to appear that I understood the struggles that some people have had,” he says. “But equity and inclusion are very important to me, especially given the last several years where there’s been such a huge political divide and people so at odds. I felt if I didn’t attempt to help then I am part of the problem.”

He adds that the committee’s goal is not only to raise awareness of diversity as a whole, but also to recognize that there are employees at the firm who have dealt with issues of inequity in their day-to-day lives. “The DE&I committee lets people know that they are heard,” he explains. “It highlights the importance the firm places on diversity and inclusion, both inwardly with employees and outwardly with clients. I believe this is only the start of what we hope to plan and accomplish in years to come.”

Justin, who manages the firm’s San Diego office, focuses his practice in workers’ compensation claims. Outside of work, he enjoys playing the piano and traveling, including hiking and mountaineering in remote locations. “I have had an opportunity to explore many beautiful places. It has always been important for me to learn about the indigenous people in these areas, to respect their rights and to raise awareness about issues they face,” he says.


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