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CAL OSHA Safety And Health Guidance: COVID-19 Infection Prevention In Grocery Stores

April 16, 2020 California employers are required to establish and implement an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) to protect employees from all worksite hazards, including infectious diseases. This guidance does not impose new legal obligations. It contains information for employers operating grocery... Read More

COVID-19 Business Closures & The Obligation To Provide Indemnity

What are California Employers and their Workers’ Compensation Carriers or TPA’s Rights, Duties and Obligations to Continue to Provide Ongoing Temporary Total Disability or Temporary Partial Disability Benefits to Employees As a Result of Federal, State and Local Governmental Mandated... Read More

California: A Preliminary Assessment Of Potential Workers’ Compensation Liability Related To The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

California Case Law Related to Non-Occupational Diseases and Special Exposure or Special Risk Exceptions-Introduction: There is no reason to believe that the holdings and related legal principles derived from the key cases discussed hereinafter will not govern and control determinations... Read More

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

April 15, 2020 As Employment and Labor Law attorneys here at Pearlman Brown & Wax, we understand that employers are experiencing deep concerns regarding COVID-19. Societal reactions to COVID19 are changing on a daily basis. We understand that our employer clients want to... Read More

COVID-19 State Of Emergency

April 2, 2020 Workers' Compensation Appeals Board State of California. In Re: COVID-19 State of Emergency en banc - No. 2 In_Re_Covid-19_State_of_Emergency_WCAB_En_Ban_No_2 Read More

Press Release

March 29, 2020 The Sixth District Court of Appeal issued on May 27, 2020, certified for publication, its decision on County of Santa Clara v. WCAB. This is an extremely favorable decision for the defense. Applicant suffered a specific left knee injury due... Read More

DWC Issues Emergency Measures For Medical-Legal Evaluations During Governor Newsom’s Stay-At-Home Order

March 28, 2020 Read the article here Read More

In Re: COVID-19 State Of Emergengy En Banc

March 3, 2020 On March 19, 2020, the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board issued the attached en banc decision in response to the Covid-19 emergency which will affect how you administer some of your claims. The WCAB has temporarily suspended various rules of... Read More

California: Dismissals With Prejudice: Not As Final As You May Think

February 3, 2020 (Note: Lexis Advance online subscribers can access the links below.) There is a widespread belief that once a party is dismissed with prejudice they are immune or insulated from rejoinder and the case can be closed forever. In the majority... Read More

PRACTICE POINT: No Notice Of Representation Of Lien Claimant?

May 21, 2019 Some clients overlook potential issues which arise when the lien claimant’s representative has failed to timely file and serve a fully executed proper notice of representation as required by Cal. Code Regs., tit.8, §10774.5. WCAB Rule 10774.5 requires the representative... Read More

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