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November 8, 2021

Employee engagement and satisfaction is at the cornerstone of every successful organization, and in today’s hybrid work environment it can be even harder to accomplish this. For HR News, Senior Employment Counsel Corinne Spencer and Attorney Antwoin Wall authored the article, “Six Ways Leadership Can Keep Employees Engaged in Today’s Work Environment,” that can help organizations have more positive employee engagement.

Spencer and Wall explain that improving engagement with leadership is an important first step, because it creates productive two-way communication and is how employees can get the direction they need to be successful. “Ensuring that all members of the workplace are actively involved in the implementation of new policies and procedures, and following through on said involvement, helps employees be engaged and more likely happier in their role,” they write.

There are six key ways engagement can be implemented: 1) Get employees involved from the outset; 2) Provide employees the tools they need to succeed; 3) Let employees know the outcomes of changes; 4) Recognize hard work; 5) Encourage personal responsibility; and 6) Cultivate an environment free of fear or retaliation.

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