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April 13, 2022

In California, workers’ compensation claims can lead to crossover employment actions, or even California Division of Occupational Safety and Health cases, stemming from the same set of facts and circumstances. In an article for Business Law Today, Senior Employment Counsel Corinne Spencer and Senior Associate Antwoin Wall explain how workers’ compensation claims can quickly snowball and what employers can do to reduce risk.


The article also covers the “three-step process” that every employer should take when a work-related injury occurs to mitigate exposure, including: ensuring workers’ compensation, HR and other departments are talking to each other; having legal counsel review adverse actions, especially terminations and suspensions; and securing a general civil release with separate consideration.


“In sum, identification coupled with open communication, coordination, and a global litigation strategy that covers the varying but related claims is key for businesses to minimize the snowball effect that can arise out of what might appear to be a simple workers’ compensation case,” the attorneys conclude.


Read the entire Business Law Today article here.


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