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Defending Against Wrongful Termination Claims: Strategies for Employers

April 19, 2024

California, like 48 other states, follows an at-will employment model. The lay understanding of this leads many to believe that employees can be terminated at any time for any reason or no reason at all. Employers who buy into this... Read More

Understanding Discrimination Laws: A Guide for Employers

April 12, 2024

Operating a business in California that hires employees is more complex than it might seem. Even overseeing a small business where you're the sole employee necessitates adherence to specific state laws and regulations. The list of laws you must comply... Read More

Workplace Diversity Initiatives: Strategies for Promoting Inclusivity and Equity

March 29, 2024

Running a workplace that supports diversity and inclusion is more important today than ever. Companies that consider and accommodate workers’ needs foster healthier work environments. That gives you happier employees with a higher quality of life. However, employee needs aren’t... Read More

Lessons Learned: Admonishments and Sanctions in Recent WCAB Cases Serve as Vital Reminders for Legal Practitioners

March 26, 2024

By: Raymond F. Correio In two recent cases before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB), one involving a cautionary admonishment and the other resulting in significant monetary sanctions, legal practitioners are reminded of the critical importance of adhering to statutes,... Read More

18-Year Odyssey: WCAB Remands Complex Death Claim Case Due to Procedural Oversights

By: Raymond F. Correio An intricate saga spanning 18 years, culminating in a Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) decision, has shed light on a myriad of procedural oversights and complexities within a death claim case originating from the Van Nuys... Read More

Navigating Employee Mental Health: Strategies for Supportive Workplace Policies

March 15, 2024

Today’s workplaces are often fast-paced and high-pressure environments. As public dialogue around mental health becomes more normalized, employers must work to accommodate their employees’ needs. Employers that support mental health in the workplace have happier, healthier workers and a more... Read More

Realizing The American Dream: Barack H. Obama

February 16, 2024

Barack Obama’s rise to presidency represents the epitome of the American Dream – that hard work, strong values, dedication, and a passion for public service can lead to being a global leader and the head of government of one of... Read More

Preventive Legal Counseling: How Employment Litigation Firms Can Help Avoid Lawsuits

Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” However, when addressing employment-related legal disputes, some opt to pay a high price for a cure by waiting until they are sued before seeking... Read More

Lunar New Year Customs & Traditions – Interview with Director of HR Tiffany Fong

February 14, 2024

The Lunar New Year 2024, also referred to as Chinese New Year and Spring Festival, kicked off on February 10, with celebrations worldwide. Each year has a corresponding animal from the Chinese zodiac and 2024 marks the Year of the... Read More

Navigating Employee Disputes: How an Employer’s Lawyer Can Help

February 9, 2024

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. Without them, your company’s goods or services are not rendered. Maintaining a good relationship with your workforce is vital to your business’s survival. Conversely, neglecting your relationship with your employees can lead... Read More

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