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May 3, 2022

At Pearlman, Brown & Wax, LLP, diversity, equity and inclusion are significant elements to who we are. We are proud to announce the formation of a diversity, equity and inclusion committee with the goal to help create and sustain a diverse, equal and inclusive environment in which all people thrive in their successes. Our approach is to listen, learn and then take action that benefits each member of the firm, and to recruit, develop and retain employees of all diverse backgrounds and experiences. In doing so, we strive to reach our maximum potential to be a highly qualified, equal and diverse law firm.

The committee represents us both internally and externally in diversity initiatives and will establish an avenue for employees to share thoughts and concerns related to diversity and cultural issues. The committee is led by Co-Chairs and Senior Associates Ada Rodriquez and Antwoin Wall and additional committee members: Partner Justin Borska, Senior Associate Saerim Luciano, and Hearing Representative Edwin Alvarez.

“The firm has always done a good job of being inclusive and creating a positive environment for people of all backgrounds,” said Ada. “Now our committee is making official what was unofficial.”

The committee plans to highlight different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds throughout the year by marking diversity events. Members hope to continue to expand the committee and have a meaningful impact on employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction.

“We have to recognize that there are differences between us, but those differences are what makes us unique,” said Antwoin. “Co-chairing this committee is a great opportunity to help the firm celebrate the differences that make PB&W a healthy and happy place to work.”


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